Promoting Intellectual Freedom

If you were a student in Minsk in 1992, you only had one option for education: to go to a Soviet-style university, where free intellectual enquiry was not allowed. EHU was founded to give Belarusian students an alternative: an education based on the principles of individual dignity, tolerance, independent thinking, and integrity.

EHU became the leader in its field. It was the only university to stand up for its students' right to think freely, despite increasing pressure from authorities. It fulfilled its mission so effectively, the government in Belarus attempted to shut it down.

In 2004, soon after being named the most popular university in Belarus, EHU was forcibly closed. Yet even the full power of the government could not extinguish EHU's vision: with support from Europe and North America, the University went into exile in neighboring Vilnius, Lithuania. There it remains to this day, serving more than 1500 Belarusian students who endure considerable challenges to attend.

The story of EHU is a story of the dignity of the human mind overcoming every conceivable obstacle. Learn how you can keep this story going.

Your Role in Preserving Academic Freedom

Your help is vital to ensuring a better future for the students of Belarus. Why is your help important?

  • Your gift gives student hope in grappling with the personal risks of study at EHU: students and faculty often have to leave their families behind, and adapt to a new environment.
  • Your gift gives the future leaders of Belarus a toolkit of innovation, independent-thinking, and competitive skills that are otherwise unavailable in Belarus.
  • Your gift supports real, legitimate higher education in a geographical area where it is constantly challenged.

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